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Clones Available Now


Clones Availalable Now

$12.50 per clone

10 or more $10 per clone

Max 30 clones per patient

90 clones per 3 patients


THC Bomb

The buds look delicious with tons of bright orange hair. This strain will stink up an entire room. Smells very good! Tastes very skunky with hints of earth and a dash of sourness. Provides a relaxing anti-anxiety medicinal effect, and also works great for an improved appetite and pain relief.


Blue Dream

Dense bud with blue and purple hues packed with trichomes that glisten like a christmas tree! A spicy smell with an overpowering fruity aroma. tarts with a very stoney head high then finishes with a nice mellow body high. Nice functional high that you can go about your day no problem while not feeling the urge to smoke again for hours.


Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain is Sativa Dominant, which is light green color with a light orange to brown hairs covering it. Great quality medical marijuana, dense buds easy to break up and work with. The taste and smell was very unique and skunk like, sharp musty and spicy. The effects should be felt immediately after you toke up, with a very airy light headed high, just makes everything seem very delightful. Very easy to become interested in things, easy to concentrate on more then one task, overall great strain.

Special Order Request

Need something not listed here? Give us a call to inquire about specialty orders and quantity discounts.